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Tupac Peralta



A project that fuses the musical expressions of Andalusia (Luis Amador “Pata Negra” at percussion and Luis “Coco” González on guitar), Peru (Tupac Peralta’s bamboo flute) and Brazil (Ángel García with the saxophone). The result, a powerful and fresh live show where, the common thread, are the essential themes, jazz standards and its appeal lies in the freedom with which each musician expresses his essence, his origins and his renowned musical career.

The public enjoys, participates and feels identified with this innovative proposal that already resonates in the music scene for its innovation when merging. They have participated in Festivals like “Native Music Festival” in Incas Sacred Valley (Peru 2020) and “II International Festival Sonamos Baleares” (Ibiza 2020).

A multicultural fusion between two living sources of Art: Flamenco and Andean music


Abr 09 2021 - Abr 09 2022


Todo el día